Sunday, July 26, 2009

Beach Buds

In non-comic news, I recently sold this pastel piece I did of my brother and I at the beach. I entered it into the Prouts Neck art show up in Maine, which is regularly attended by none other than actress Glenn Close! I actually have photos of her from the show, but I'll resist posting them so as not to sink to the level of the Paparazzi. 

happy campers

Well I just finished my second summer of teaching art at camp, and it was really a lot of fun. During the first half of the day, I got to help my students develop their own awesome cartoon characters and then in the afternoon I took requests and did drawings for some of the kids in the other classes. Lucky for me, most of them wanted superheroes, but I did get in some good practice drawing characters from Magic the Gathering too (apparently it's as popular as ever these days). After a while, it occurred to me that I might post a few on my blog, so I scanned a couple before I gave them away. Also, the signatures were the kids' idea, and I was very flattered. I don't normally do a lot of fan art but I have to say, it's really fun. 

One little girl requested "owl man" so I drew the movie version of Nite Owl. If she was referring to the Watchmen, then that's one hip 4th  

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Character Spots

The Doctor Is In!

Introducing "The Paradoctor", the world renowned paranormal scientist  and founding member of The Abnormals. Unfortunately, he can no longer survive outside of a specific contained atmosphere and is often confined to the Abnormo-Plane, unless he wears a special type of gas-mask/respirator. He's also a snappy dresser as you can see from these two ensembles. No, he is not a "steam-punk" version of Rorschach. You wish.