Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Several Dark Nights Later...

I'm just BATTY for the new Arkham Asylum game.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Real Eddie

Some of the characters in Abnormals are actually based on real people. For instance, the idea for Eddie was inspired by real-life entertainer Marcelo Eduardo deSardes. Hailing from a small village just outside Gibraltar, deSardes became very popular during the early 1900s as part of a sideshow act that would eventually break into the top Vaudeville circuits. To this day medical science has no explanation to describe the genetic anomaly that gave deSardes his trademark appearance, only that it is unrelated to hypertricosis (a rare genetic condition that causes over-active hair growth). Some believe it was just a fancy make-up job-- others believe that it's just a poorly photoshopped picture. You decide!
Marcelo deSardes as a young man, circa 1904.

Edward "Eddie"  Klay of Abnormals, circa now.

Little Eddies.